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Poker Might be the New Gaming Challenge You Need

Online gaming is a huge deal at the moment. Video games in general have overtaken Hollywood as the preferred entertainment of choice and online gaming makes up a huge percentage of the pie. With hundreds of games to play and thousands of gamers to pit your skills against their are endless opportunities to test yourself against them. Or is there? Going up against and defeating opponents in an online game is great but has the thrill diminished slightly? Do you […]

The 3 Best Football Games Money Can Buy

If you are a football fan who loves to play games on your computer or Xbox, then the best way to make use of your free time is to invest in a few of the best football games out there. Nothing can beat watching your favourite football team score their way to victory, however you don’t need to stop enjoying football just because your team isn’t playing. In this article we discuss the 3 best football games you can start […]

Best Games and Sporting Events to Bet On Online

Online gaming and gambling has become a very popular pastime for many in recent years. There are a huge number of options now available, a choice that can become almost overwhelming at times. With this in mind we will outline a few of the best gaming and sports betting options you can find. Casino Games General casino games come in a number of different options though when people think of casinos it’s usually linked to the slots. There are literally […]

Hey Sports Fans – Here’s What Not to Do!

Sport is a major part of most people’s lives, and even those who are not athletically inclined have had to soldier on through sports lessons at school. The majority of us do not grow up to become the wealthy athletes we idolise; however, we do get a chance to live vicariously through watching these athletes compete on television and by placing bets on them online. You can bet on anything that is taking place in the sports world. You can […]

NHL 2014

2014 saw the 97th NHL season completed, and the 2013-14 season culminated with Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup. It was a season that was also notable for realignment, following the Atlanta Thrashers franchise relocation to Canada in the shape of the Winnipeg Jets, and sides from Detroit and Columbus moving east. Realignment For 2013-14 For the 2013-14 season there were two conferences and four divisions, though four conferences had been proposed earlier. The Eastern Conference was made up […]

Great NHL icons

Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky is probably the greatest Canadian NHL icon of all-time. Known as ‘The Great One’, from 1979 to 1999 Gretzky was a centre for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers. While, in his glittering career, Gretzky was named most valuable player in the NHL on no less than nine occasions, and he was the leading points scorer in ten different seasons. Gretzky remains the NHL’s leading scorer, and the only […]